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We need to learn more, and we need to read more! All of our lives, in a way that is fun and rewarding. With audio books from the best writers and experts in the world, it is easy, available and cheap. Why not? No really, what is holding you back?

I believe we need lifelong learning, and I believe that the only realistic way forward is for grownups to learn like kids learn from YouTube. We need to make it fun and practical, and audio books by the best people in the world fit the bill. You can learn while you drive or exercise or do gardening or anything else, and you can prioritise this precious time for books that are worth your while. I believe that these are the books it takes to read in order to understand the future we are rushing to, and I hope you will join me on this never-ending learning quest.

The availability of this highly curated knowledge is amazing, thanks to digital audio formats and Amazon and Audibles size and tools. All it takes is an annual membership at Audible, and you can read a book per month for approximately $10 per book. Better spend this sum on books than on coffee or beer. You don’t need elite MBAs, you don’t need expensive courses, you just need some motivation and willingness to learn.

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Posted on 09. May 2023 by Silvija Seres

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